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Drink me up Scotty, it’s the Star Trek Golden Anniversary beer

Trekkies who want to get beyond sober and into darkness, can rejoice as there are not one but two new beers to celebrate the long-running science-fiction franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Yup, this year fans will be raising a glass or two to the fact that the first Star Trek episode aired on September 8, 1966.

Shmaltz Brewing, a New York-based company, are releasing the craft beers to mark the 50th anniversary.

Up first is The Trouble With Tribbles (which we’re reliably informed is 5 Malts, 5 Hops, 5% ABV), named after the infamous episode which saw the USS Enterprise overrun with cute little hairy beasts (not Ewoks). Not only that, the story, set in 2269, saw Captain Kirk and his crew called in to protect a shipment of a genetically engineered four-lobe grain that is a hybrid of wheat and rye, called quadrotriticale.

Lead brewer at Shmaltz, Drew Schmidt, comments:

‘Light Carastan malt gives some residual sweetness in the form of very light toffee. A dose of Munich adds a slight bready quality, and wheat malt lends to a slight crisp character. Mashing at a moderate temperature gives this beer a medium body. In keeping with the intergalactic theme, hopping is comprised of Comet, Polaris, Aurora and Admiral (Kirk) hops. This beer is only loosely filtered to clarity, in order to preserve the ambiguity of good and evil.’

Sounds illogical, Captain.

And coming up in September is Voyage To The Northeast Quadrant. If you’ve never been there, then we do heartily recommend it. Lovely this time of year.Apparently this beer’s aroma is ‘accented by fresh citrus fruits such as lemon and lime with subtle notes of white wine.’ Not convinced? Well, the ‘crisp malts and fruity aromas are elevated by maintaining a mild bitterness allowing each selected ingredient to offer its individual qualities without being overshadowed by any single ingredient.’That will definitely get rid of those Klingons on the starboard bow.

Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles is available now and Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: Voyage To The Northeast Quadrant will be available from September 2016. Read more:

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