The Federation Of Beer began in the small town of Vulcan, Alta.,Canada, pop. 1,836 (the official Star Trek capital of Canada).


The townspeople hold an annual Star Trek convention — Spock Days— celebrating the fact the character (played by actor Leonard Nimoy) was born on the far off planet of Vulcan (god of fire on Roman myth).  "Vulcan Ale" was the first episode released in Canada during Season One and corresponded with the premiere of the "Star Trek Into Darkness".


The Federation's Prime Directive: to produce high quality Craft Beer, to honour Gene Roddenberry's legacy, and to unite both Star Trek and Craft Beer fans.



Will Taylor - Art Director/Graphic Designer


Will Taylor stepped up to help create label templates and stickers for the brewforukraine.beer aid agency in February  2022. Will has provided graphic design and illustration in British Columbia.

When Will had first contact with the federation, he admitted he was a Trekkie and we welcomed him to our team. 

Will's duties in the Federation are to oversee art direction and general graphic design red shirt duties.

Witold Szczepaniak 

(First Officer - Europe)


Witold is from Lublin, Poland.


He was one of the original  supporters of the Seattle International Beer Fest which remains one of United States premier summer beer festivals and is active in the local Craft beer community.

He will help develop markets within Europe 


Keith Ogilvie, Director of Draft Installations



Keith Ogilvie is the Federation's is “Director of Flow” ensuring that draft beer flows freely at the appropriate temperature. 


 Keith has been an active supporter of the Federation of Beer since its inception and over the past 20 years Keith has owned and operated a company servicing and installing Refrigeration & Draft Beer Dispense Equipment .


Over the years Keith has aided in the development of beer dispensing and delivery systems. 

Paul Carreau - Creative Consultant for the Klingon Empire


Twenty five years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Paul Carreau served in five Commands as an Administrator. Paul had the privilege to serve in Air Command, Force Mobile Command (Army), Maritime Command (Navy), Training Command and Signals Command. He earned Canada's Decoration with Clasp (CD) and retired from the Military in 2000.


Paul is an avid, some say rabid, Science Fiction Fan. He helped organize two Science Fiction Conventions in Halifax and two in Calgary. Paul has attended numerous conventions in North America. For the past eighteen years he has been involved in the Klingon Assault Group (K.A.G.) Kanada. For ten of those years Paul was the Senior Command Officer.


Jim Pettinger - Director of  Fan Engagement


Jim Pettinger is The Federation's ambassador to our fans. Vern has known Jim for 2 decades. Jim loves all things Star Trek, and has brewed limited releases in Alberta for craft beer stores that he managed in the past. 

Vern Raincock - COOL Khan'ada

(First Officer - Brewery Collaborations)



Vern Raincock is recognized as a leader in craft beer distribution in Canada. 

Vern was introduced to the Craft Beer industry in the 1990s while living in Seattle. 


From 2002 until now,  Vern has  introduced hundreds of brands of craft beer, cider and wine into Western Canada.


Vern has hundreds of friends and business associates throughout the Alpha Quadrant and looks forward to share the love of Star Trek and Craft Beer throughout the world.