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Is there a Doctor in the House?

For our beer loving friends in British Columbia, Torchlight Brewing Co released today a licensed #startrek ale brewed with #galaxy hops and care and attention. A limited number of cases will beam into local #vancouver bottle shops on Friday, in time for the annual FanexpoCR at Vancouver Convention Centre .

This project developed with the help of the creative teams at Paramount in the UK as well as friends of the franchise in Canada and United States.

If you are a brewer that would like to work with Federation of Beer in 2023, you know where to find me.

We have rights to brew in all juristictions in the Americas, Carribean & Europe.

Our business plan is straight forward. We intend to leverage the vision of local artists, brewers, and brewery suppliers as much as possible.

We mash in small lot batches, and each limited release recipe source local malts and hops when available. Local terroir is affected by the impact of soil, micro climate, and topography on the growth of barley. Use of locally malted barley provides the source of an ale’s flavor complexity. Many labels are serialized to enhance the value of the collection.


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