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Episode 1 - Sat Trek ENGAGE Galaxy Class Ale by Torchlight Brewing in British Columbia

Star Trek Galaxy Class Ale

Star Trek Enterprise Golden Ale

Episode 2 - Star Trek ENTERPRISE Blonde Ale brewed by Lost Worlds Brewing in North Carolina

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC:1701

Brewed locally in Ontario by Calabogie  Brewing

Episode 3 Star Trek Engage Galaxy Class Ale brewed by Calabogie Brewing of Ontario

Official Ottawa Comic Con beer for ALE-iens in Ontario

Awarded for Oustanding Service

Episode 4 - Star Trek Captain's Lager brewed in Alberta by Brauerei Fahr

Special Ration

Caprain's Log Stardate 50793.6

Starfleet drinks beer from Austria!

Officers of Starfleet from "Raumschiff Enterprise" or "Star Trek" are rewarded by their captain with a special ration of "Captain's Lager" for a successful mission - and it originates in Austria: The officially licensed Star Trek beer is brewed by the traditional Hofstetten brewery in the Mühlviertel region and "beamed" onto domestic markets by upstart sci-fi specialty retailer Trade Post 47.

Federation of Beer was approached by Trade Post 47 to brew a collaboration in Austria in time for Vienna Comic-Con and the First Officer of Federation of Beer said "let's make it so". Trade Post 47 is the exclusive retailer of "Captains Lager" in Austria.

"For fans and friends of the well-known science fiction series and films, there is a unique opportunity to get a special collector's item and drink a great beer," says Robert Kaiser of Trade Post 47.

"Captain's Lager" is an amber lager beer. Light and dark malt provide a caramel starting taste for the beer, which finishes with a floral hop note.

The Star Trek beer "Captain's Lager" can be pre-ordered in the online shop at Official launch date is Nov. 17th, but if you place a pre-order today, you are one of the first people who can taste this "spacial ration" of Starfleet.

Each 6 pack and 12 pack carton will include a bonus of limited release beer mats, only available online and at Vienna Comic Con, while quantities last.

The Austrian company Trade Post 47 was founded by two fans in the spring of 2023 and deals with merchandise for science fiction television series and films such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Rick and Morty, Alien and others - both online at and at events, for example in November at the Vienna Comic-Con and the Vienna Comic and Movie Exchange.

Federation of Beer was founded by fans and works with local breweries in North America and Europe to introduce licensed beers related to "Star Trek" in various markets.

"Star Trek" (or "Raumschiff Enterprise" in the German-speaking world) was originally created by Gene Roddenberry 57 years ago. The television series theme "infinite diversity in infinite combinations" continues to this day: Humans and aliens of different origins respect each other and work together productively. Since its inception, more than 800 hours of entertainment have been broadcast both as TV series and motion pictures. These series and films inspire many people worldwide. In Austria, the Paramount+ streaming service airs shows from the original "Raumschiff Enterprise" series up to current productions such as "Star Trek: Lower Decks" and "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds".

Star Trek and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

Episode 5 - Star Trek Captain's Lager - brewed by Brauerei Hofstetten in Austria

Special Ration

Caprain's Log Stardate 50793.6
U.S.S. Enterpride NCC-1701-E

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