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The Next Generation of ALE-iens #ENGAGE in Galaxy Class Ales

Over the past year - the Federation of Beer reached out to friends of the #ukraine within the international brewing community to #brewforukraine.

In 2023, and many of the brewers that mashed in to help those displaced by war, will brew one fresh batch at a time to celebrate #startrek and share the love of #craftbeer, episode by episode.

Today Torchlight Brewing Co and their brew crew beamed in and discussed their craft with #thenextgeneration of beer lovers.

I thank everyone for helping make both projects a reality.

Although the endeavour and desire to offer a craft brewing experience is a significant plot point (and source of merriment) throughout our series of limited release ALE-ien episodes, our #FirstContact with #DATA was a sense of joy, and we thank Brent Spiner for his hospitality at Vancouver Fan EXPO on February 19th.


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