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"Change is the essential process of all existance"

Spock, Star Trek


Klingon Warnog Roggen Dunkel is "Very, very nice dunkel (and who knew that Klingons were German?). Total malt flavor. Diggin’ this one a lot.  "


Vulcan Ale "Pours a somewhat cloudy dark amber color with a nice off white head and sticky lace. Aroma of caramel, sweet malts, mild fruity esthers and faint fresh grass hops. Taste is caramel, toffee cereal and a faint roasted grain on the finish. It’s a bit sweet up front but finishes nice and dry excellent irish red.

Klingon Warnog Roggen Dunkel has "rye elements here that work well. It is bready and hearty, to be sure, which I'm sure would appeal to Klingon sensibilities.   "


Vulcan Ale is "an enjoyable way to celebrate the centennial celebrations of Vulcan"

Vulcan Ale
Vulcan Ale
Vulcan Ale
Klingon Warnog
Sindicate Lager
Vulcan Ale
Vulcan Ale
Star Trek Vulcan Ale
2016 Ottawa Comic Con
Voyage to the NE Quadrant
Golden Anniversary Ale
Klingon Imperial Porter
Star Trek Symbiosis Ale
Star Trek Captain's Holiday #TNG30

Experimental and limited release batches - you KHAAAN influence the Federation Council's next brew!

Interested in a First Contact Party for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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