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Romulan Ale May Have Been Illegal, But This 'Star Trek' Beer Isn't

If you've been looking for the perfect beer to wash down a steaming bowl of plomeek soup, look no further. Shmaltz Brewery is here with the latest iteration of Vulcan ale, a Star Trek licensed beer cooked up by Federation of Beer, a marketing company. The Red Session IPA is being called The Genesis Effect.

Here's the thing. We will drink this beer. We will do it happily. It is beer. It is not only beer, but it's a beer that has Spock on the bottle. But there was very, very clearly already a big tradition of Romulan Ale running throughout the series, the sweet, sweet blue contraband nectar served at all the most famous dignitary meetings, even if it was Starfleet contraband. It was basically like a Cuban cigar or absinthe with wormwood. There was never a Vulcan ale.

But then again, Romulan ale was a hard liquor. So Andrew Moseman and I came up with a few alternative Star Trek themed beers for Federation of Beer to consider as names. If you take up any of these, please send along any case of said beer to the PopMech office as royalty credits:

  • Redshirt IPA

  • Saison on the Edge of Forever

  • Let That Be Your Last Bitterfield

  • Rye, Borg

  • Porter's Stepchildren

  • Where No Maibock Has Gone Before

  • All Gose Things ...

  • Dunkel and Jilad at Tanagra

  • The Trouble With Tripel

  • Spocktoberfest

  • The Undiscovered Coffee Stout

  • The Wrath of Kolsch

  • Wheat Space Nine

  • Ryes of Acquisition

  • The Märzquis

Also we should mention that, should you want to class it up and make wine, Kobayashi Merlot and Seven of Wine are some great names. Call us!


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