Official 'Star Trek' beer lets you drink like a Klingon

Sharpen the bat'leth, a Klingon-inspired beer is coming to our little corner of the galaxy. Warnog gets the official "Star Trek" blessing and comes from Tin Man Brewing Company in Indiana in partnership with the Federation of Beer, a company that already released a product called Vulcan Ale.

The beer will be a Dunkelweizen style with rye. Expect banana and clove flavors, which doesn't actually sound like something a Klingon would drink. A real Klingon would probably be more into blood and steel flavors, something that tastes like more like victory and less like wheat.

Vulcan Ale has only been available in Canada, meaning Klingon Warnog will be the first official "Trek" beer available in the US. It should fuel many a "Star Trek" drinking game where you have to take a sip every time Captain Kirk violates the Prime Directive, Spock says "Fascinating," and Sulu takes the con.